Drug Interactions Case Reports

Drug interactions occur when one drug interacts or interferes with the working of the other. There may be several kinds of drug interactions. Nowadays the increased use of combinatorial treatment for treating diseases demands drug interactions be studied thoroughly before their launch in the market. Sometimes drug interactions can be synergistic or may produce adverse effects which cause problems to the health of the individual. Drug- Disease interactions may worsen or exacerbate an existing medical condition.

Loss of therapeutic effect, unexpected increase in pharmacological activity,toxicity, and several chemical and physical interactions can result.In this respect, two fields namely: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics have come up. The Former deals with the effect of one drug kinetic that affects the adsorption, metabolism, and excretion of the other. Pharmacodynamics is related to the pharmacological activity of the drug. An individual's genetic makeup also affects drug interaction.The study of how an individual's genetic inheritance affects the body's response to drugs is known as Pharmacogenetics. The severity of interactions can be major, moderate or minor.

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