Surgery Case Reports

The first evidence of surgical treatments dates back to the prehistoric era when the Egyptians drilled a hole in the skull to expose the dura matter to treat intracranial diseases and used sutures to close wounds. Surgery in the 21st century comprises of four parts: pre-operative care, staging of the surgery, surgery and post-operative care. Surgeries are classified or grouped into several types based on timing, purpose, body part, type of procedure, degree of invasiveness and equipment used.

Among the various types of surgery the most common are:

Bariatric surgery: this surgery is usually performed on people suffering from obesity. Either the size of the stomach is reduced by using a gastric band or the small intestine is redirected to a smaller stomach pouch. These two techniques are normally used to achieve weight loss.

Pediatric surgery: this surgery involves surgery on children, adolescents, and fetuses with birth defects and other complications.

Cardiothoracic surgery: this type of surgery deals with surgical treatment of the thoracic mainly  the heart and chest.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery: this deals with  treating disorders and diseases of the mouth or oral cavity and the jaw (maxilla ).

Vascular surgery: it is a surgical subspecialty that is concerned with treating the disorders of the vascular system.

Plastic surgery:  a type of surgery that is associated with the reconstruction, restoration or change in the human body.

Plastic surgery may be done for aesthetic reasons as well.

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