Han Hong, Chong

Han Hong, Chong

Health Education East Midlands, Leicester, LE3 5LW, United Kingdom


Han Hong, Chong graduated from University of Manchester Medical School at year 2013. He has completed his Intercollegiate Membership Examination of the Surgical Royal Colleges of Great Britain and Ireland (MRCS) at year 2017. He is currently a Specialist Trainee with Health Education East Midlands, United Kingdom and actively involved in case study & projects.


Septic arthritis (SA) is a serious but rare joint pathology with an incidence of 4 – 10 / 100 000, with poly-articular SA comprising of 15% of those reported cases. Local cellulitis and endocarditis are known risk factors in developing SA, and there have been published case reports relating to endocarditis with poly-articular SA. However, to date, there has been no published cases correlating poly-articular SA with distance cellulitis or prosthetic heart valves. The author report a case of an immunocompetent gentleman who had a delayed presentation of bilateral knee SA following a revision surgery for aortic valve replacement. Post-operatively, he was diagnosed with a sternal wound infection four week from his operation, followed by bilateral knee pains four days later. He received combined antibiotic therapy and underwent multiple joint washouts. Further in-depth investigation unfortunately did not reveal the source of infection or type of microorganism. The origin of his bilateral SA remains unknown.